Stakeholder engagement

GRI General 2





How we engage

  • Annual stakeholder meetings
  • Shareholders proposals
  • Year-round investor reach

How we engage

  • Slack for communication channel
  • Leadership conference employee volunteering activities
  • Provide training and resources to employees on ESG topics, such as sustainable operations and diversity and inclusion
  • Form an employee sustainability committee to gather input and ideas on ESG initiatives.

How we engage

  • 1:1 meeting/calls
  • Customers pre and post project surveys
  • Training programs, annual satisfaction review

How we engage

  • Collaborative partnerships and memberships
  • Engage with civil society and nonprofit organizations on topics related to our community engagement focus areas (decarbonization, racial equity, digital readiness, disaster response)
  • ESG conferences
  • Philanthropic donations, including in-kind and cash donations